Crypto Outlaws

Overview of the Crypto Outlaws NFT collection and our roadmap


Welcome to the roadmap documentation for the Crypto Outlaw NFT collection! We hope if you find yourself here you like cool hand-drawn art, decentralized technology and Texas Hold Em.
If so, you've found yourself at the right place on the internet partner!
We at the Crypto Outlaws are the crew behind the world's first Ethereum-native poker playing technology! We plan to build a permissionless, decentralized poker-playing experience that doesn't care where you're from or make you use fictitious tokens to play. Use your native Eth with super low transaction costs. We also won't just stop at your old fashioned playing experience, we have plans on making it much more fun to play than that - in our own Wild Western themed metaverse!
Mount your horse and follow us through the roadmap documentation if you'd like to understand the fantastic places this dusty 'ole trail is going to be taking us together...
Last modified 1yr ago